Lighthouse Consultium is an innovative healthcare consulting firm focused on partnering with our clients to provide value in terms of data analytics, population health, transitioning to value-based team care and technology adoption. 

Despite the cost pressures, liability constraints, resistance to change and other seemingly insurmountable barriers, it is simply not acceptable for patients to be harmed by the same health care system that is supposed to offer healing and comfort.
(To Err Is Human, 2000 Institute of Medicine)

Analytics are the backbone of performance.  If you can’t measure it you can’t monitor it.  Our experience with data reporting has helped transform the quality of care being provided.  Most providers do not monitor the health of their practice, but rather are too consumed by the data to day activities involved with caring for patients.

Population health can be measured at many levels.  You can monitor the population of a physician panel, of a whole practice group, or of an insured population.  By monitoring a population, you can determine where effort should be focused to improve outcomes.  You can also monitor processes to determine if they are affected. 

Since 2010 the healthcare system in this country has been trying to reinvent itself and tie outcomes and improved quality into the price it is paying for healthcare.  This is a very complex process as there are many intertwined parts.  Some success has been achieved from CMS with its Medicare Shared Savings Programs, the Comprehensive Primary Care Program, and many commercial accountable care ventures.  Over half of the insured population is in some form of a value-based performance program.

The healthcare industry has been slow to adopt technology as compared to many other commercial sectors.  Although most hospitals and many providers have electronic medical records they are not being utilized in an optimal fashion.  Yes, everything is captured electronically, but that data is not being utilized to improve care. 

Population Health Management (PHM)  integrates clinical, financial and operational data across a healthcare enterprise and the community.  It focuses on populations with chronic diseases that have the larges opportunity to save costs and improve outcomes. Health IT resources aggregate patient data across multiple specialties into one longitudinal, actionable patient record where clinicians and caregivers can assess and utilize to improve clinical outcomes. PHM is critical to the delivery of value-based care while closing the gaps in the existing system of care. The implementation of a PHM system provides improved access to care for patients and promotes better patient engagement that leads to a sense of control of their treatment.