Hospitalists Process Improvement Program

Hired to assist the Vice President of Care Management/Nursing and the Medical Director of Hospitalist with Healthcare Partners Medical Group (HCP) to create a process improvement plan to reduce inpatient costs and improve physician engagement.

HCP, one of the largest multi-specialty physician groups in Southern California was at risk for over 500,000 commercial and Medicare lives. In order to better manage the patient satisfaction, Physician satisfaction and costs of those populations we developed a Hospitalists and Care Management process reengineering program.

In this program, we achieved inpatient savings of about $50MM per year contributing to hospital risk pools to be shared with hospitals. This program was a groundbreaking project allowing HCP to expand into three other regions.

Physician satisfaction survey scores increased by 80%.

Length of stay in Medicare patients dropped 20% and in commercial 5%.

Some highlights included:

  • Led the selection, contracting and implementation of technology to exchange data between 10 local hospitals and the medical group including a handheld tracking device.
  • Implemented a call center where they tracked patient discharges and arranged for follow-up appointments along with validating pharmacy prescriptions.
  • Standardized discharge summaries and implemented an enterprise dictation system that digitized discharge summaries and patient instructions to be passed to the primary care physicians. The program was very complex and was fully implemented for over three years.