Data drives your organization

Silos of Analytics
Desperate Data Sources Required for Value-Based Healthcare

For years organizations have realized the benefit of building internal and external near real-time data-driven actional dashboards and reports to produce valuable results in terms of market growth, cost reduction, health quality improvement, and strategic planning to name a few use cases.  

Today many midsized and larger organizations have established multiple teams of analytical assets throughout the landscape working on problems many of which are working in silos.  These silos may be using different data sources, different tools, and methodologies.  They may have different skill levels and produce dissimilar results for the same problem.  These teams probably have very talented and expensive resources and may have procured software licenses and analytical toolsets. 

  • Is your organization using these expensive assets effectively?
  • Does your organization have a data architecture strategy?
  • Are the teams working on the most critical problems? 
  • Do you have a data stewardship model?
  • How are the projects prioritized? 
  • Do your analytical teams have alignment with corporate strategies?
  • Are they sharing methods and tools effectively? 
  • Do the teams have the necessary resources to be successful?
  • How can you save operational and capital expenditures and maximize the value of data to your organization?